Never Let the Guard Down: Making a Great Action Film

We all know that action films are awesome because of all the action and the excitement.  We know that when there’s high quality fighting and causing on the screen, you’re going to sell tickets and you’re going to move some popcorn units.  So that is a great and noble goal, to get the people through the turnstile and make some money.  So what can you do to ensure that your action film is one of the best for all time so that no one will ever doubt you ability to make an awesome film?  Well here are the things that make an action film even better than it was conceived to be.

Sound Effects

When you make the sound of a punch, it can’t sound like a real life punch.  This is an age old Hollywood trick.  Think about the sound of an actual punch, it’s a dull thud at best, and silent at worst.  Maybe if you crack a skull there’ll be a small little crack sound.  But that’s not going to get the people at the edge of their seats and it’s certainly not going to move units.  The way to get the punch to sound even better is to use sound effects, and the traditional way to make a punch sound is to crush a bunch of cabbage with a mallet.  Yes, it’s true, much salad material was harmed in the making of your favorite action films.  So go to the Asian grocery and get a ton of cabbage and make your hit film.

Top Level Props and Stunts

Image - 2 You can’t have there be any part of your movie where the viewer might think: wait a second, that doesn’t seem right.  If you have all the ducks in a row and make sure everything looks right then no one will have to suspend their disbelieve.  So make sure the props are real and cool, like an awesome action star car that you can get at  You don’t want to just use your Accord and hope that people don’t think it’s lame.  Look online here  and you’ll see that one of these cars would make a far better action car than anything you or your friends have sitting on your driveway.  That’s important so that people will envy the action star, not mock them.

Great Acting

Image - 3 If you just hire any old actor you are going to be up against a steep hill when really you should find some top level acting so that the action star rises above the rest of the cast and really makes everyone think, wow, this guy might actually really be an action hero.  You won’t want to be the fool who spends all this time and energy and effort on a movie only to have it be unbelievable because the cast can’t deliver a line or convey an emotion with the slight tick of an eyebrow.

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