OEM Parts Clause for Warranty Validity

What is the importance of installing OEM motorcycle parts in one’s motorcycle? This is the most common question that everybody tends to search answers for, at some point of time. Many a time, warranty provided for a certain period is voided, if one makes use of aftermarket parts, instead of OEM motorcycle parts.

Kawasaki motorcycle parts

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. When buying any new motorcycle, they should do enough research about warranty clauses, about parts that need to be OEM, when replacement is required. More often, this clause claims that warranty on the part replaced is only lost, but the cover for other non-replaced parts tends to remain intact. But, in many cases, if the damage to other parts is due to the use of aftermarket parts, chances of covering the repair charges are bleak. So, if one owns a Kawasaki, they should buy Kawasaki motorcycle parts from the original manufacturer, in order to keep up with their warranty clauses.

Many tend to seek aftermarket parts instead of OEM motorcycle parts, in order to save few dollars, but the damage that their motorcycle bears due its use, may not be covered by warranty. So, the answer to the question cannot be answered properly, unless one knows the warranty clauses for cover regarding Kawasaki motorcycle parts. Although, according to 1975, Magnuson-Moss warranty act, warranty cannot be modified after the sale has been performed, a manufacturer may write a warranty contract including void clause for certain violations.

OEM motorcycle parts

Hence, it is necessary that one reads their warranty clauses carefully before making the buy. On the other hand, buying Kawasaki motorcycle parts from original manufacturer is safer than buying local parts. This way, they can reduce the risk of voiding their warranty and also saving their motorcycle from damage due to substandard parts.

Staying safe is in hands of the motorcycle owner and buying OEM motorcycle parts is just one safety measure. The dealers who do service or repair will try to determine find the cause of damage. If they find that the damage was due to the use of an aftermarket part, then repairs are not free of charge. Although, this voiding of warranty should be done so, only after verifying that damage was indeed due to the use of aftermarket part, one can be safer by installing Kawasaki motorcycle parts for their Kawasaki, instead of taking a risk with aftermarket part installation or modification of a regular make of their motorcycle, which causes certain damage.

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