Leaving your motorcycle to fend against the elements is not the brightest of ideas; however, paying for a parking garage has it shares of problems too. If you want to leave your motorcycle at a garage or out in the street when taking a vacation there are countless things that could go wrong. Theft aside, other cars on the street and bad drivers might hit your property and never think twice about coming back to pay. Traditional garages have this problem too and you really can be sure who is around your motorcycle all the time. Given this set of issues, a private storage for motorcycles might be the best way to protect your vehicle from, well, anything that may scratch your paint.


You can drive up directly to these auto self storage units. Either your bike or bigger vehicle will surely fit easily and will not be surrounded by anything but four walls and climate control. Storage for motorcycles in particular should be handled in this manner. Not having doors and locks, your bike is more vulnerable to anything on the street, not to mention though climate on the seat’s finish.

A good auto self storage works a little like a helmet. It protects everything inside by putting up a barrier between you and the elements, and you are the only one allowed inside. If you are worried about leaving your vehicle for a few days, weeks or months the best idea is to find a good space that can handle storage for motorcyles. Normally, the space won’t be much bigger than regular storage but it will allow you to drive directly into the space, close it with full size garage doors and just forget about your bike until the next time you use it.

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